This Tart Shop’s Design Proves Japanese Dedication to Perfection Knows no Bounds

Famous Japanese cheese tart brand BAKE just opened its first outlet in Vietnam, and its whimsical design allows the golden delicacies to speak for themselves.

Concrete building in Ho Chi Minh City

BAKE Tart Shop

Dark grey facade

Nestled on a busy street in Ho Chi Minh City, the space is sleek and minimalist, playing with light and shadows to create visual illusions. From the stage-like staff area to the external staircase, every detail has been painstakingly planned and refined in order to reflect the outstanding quality of the pastries on sale.

Shop on Ngo Duc Ke

Tarts on display

Yellow tart boxes

Conceived by local architect Joe Chikamori and his studio 07BEACH, the shop is decked out in a deep palette of grays with pops of the brand’s signature yellow. By using different shades of mortar – light gray on horizontal surfaces and a dark gray on vertical ones, the architects have managed to add dimension and highlight certain areas.

Cheese tarts

Stairs in different shades

BAKE Cheese Tart

Though designed with customers’ safety and comfort in mind, the front stairs remain true to the shop’s distinctive aesthetic, showcasing clients queuing in vertical direction.

Queuing in vertical direction

The same inventive talent went into exhibiting the freshly baked cheese tarts, which sit like works or art beneath a stair-like mirrored ceiling. Displayed on ingenious window-mounted trays suggestive of the staircase’s ascending steps, they seem to float in mid-air, creating quite a visual spectacle for passersby.

Tables with tarts

Mirror ceiling

Well designed shop

Photos: Hiroyuki Oki

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